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Dirty Feet #177 • Hannah Beach & Dandelion Dance • EN

December 2, 2016

Hannah Beach is an educator, artist, author and speaker with a background in social work. She is the founding director of Dandelion Dance, a company which creates empowering dance experiences for girls. She believes that “art is an important tool for social change because it helps people feel and not just think.” We speak about her journey, the company and the future.

The Cave #17 • Just Two Nude Dudes Covered In Cubes (Season 1)

December 1, 2016

In this week’s episode of The Cave, Shane and Paul wonder if they’re slowly becoming their parents, ponder if the eight year old Shane and Paul would think they were cool and question whether Paul’s new robot Cozmo is going to go full Skynet and destroy us all.

They guys also try to find Toronto’s best hot wings, encourage you to not be a dick, be a dude, the search for Amy Jo Johnson get a little more pathetic and Shane rolls the dice for his dignity. Also Turbo Talk this week is a real cracker.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE – Shane tries to make Paul laugh with some great “jokes”.

The Cave #16 • Hey Paul, I Got A Question For Ya (Season 1)

November 24, 2016

In this week’s episode of The Cave, Shane and Paul talk about the abundance of “Gamers” in the world today, blast back to Degrassi Junior High and tackle another huge stack of questions for the internet (and a few stupid one’s from Shane – he has an inquisitive mind, aparently). The Cave’s ongoing quest to try find Amy Jo Johnson gets a little more desperate and Turbo Talk returns, much to Paul’s disgust.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE – Paul reveals some dirty liittle secrets

Tales from the Black Episode 3 (Season One)

November 24, 2016

Tales from Jocelyn Geddie, Anders Yates, and an original song by Nick Di Gaetano.

Reality is a rainbow spread from the light of truth by the prism of perception. Hanging on the sliver of time between now and later is a place only dreamed of by the mad. From this place a fount of truth. These are: The Tales from the Black.