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Deanne Smith's Questionable at Best #56 • Johanna Grönberg

October 1, 2015
hanna's back <3

This week’s question: What have you learned in therapy?

This week’s quote: “I basically spent the entire hour trying to convince my therapist that I didn’t need to be there.”

We’re getting fully into it this week, my friends! I talk to the lovely, smart, articulate, fun and amazing (and yes, she’s my girlfriend) Johanna Grönberg about therapy, self-actualization, and “the journey.” As Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I’d add that the un-listened-to podcast is not worth making, so get on in there.

Dirty Feet #151 • Situations by George Stamos • EN

September 29, 2015

George Stamos returns to the Dirty Feet Podcast to discuss his new work, Situations, which is opening at Agora de la danse this weekend. The work features 11 performers and deals with masculinity.

Music's Mitosis #16 • Special POP Montreal Festival Compilation

September 26, 2015

During the POP Montreal Music Festival we ran four bands through some rapid-fire trivia rounds: AroarA, Beliefs, Wake Island and The Besnard Lakes. Listen to the end for a bonus interview with ‘Morrisey’ and ‘Marr’ of the Smiffs!

Featuring the following tracks:

See You Again – AroarA

Catch My Breath – Beliefs

Submarine – Wake Island

Colour Yer Lights In – The Besnard Lakes

Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (Smiths cover live at Sala Rosa) – The Smiffs

Deanne Smith's Questionable at Best #55 • DeAnne Smith

September 25, 2015
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This week’s question: Hey, how ya been?

This week’s quote: “Pitbulls don’t care about bananas.”

Solo podcast time! It’s been a while, guys, but I’m back. Let’s have a quick chat about grief, fear, and anxiety. You know, small-talk kinda stuff. I’ve missed you.