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DeAnne Smith's Questionable at Best #71 • Philippa Klein • Jealousy

May 20, 2016

This week’s question: What’s up with jealousy, man?

This week’s quote: “Jealousy has the worst rap of all the emotions.”

Individual and relationship counselor and my actual buddy Philippa Klein gives us a new way to think about jealousy in relationships. Lots of gems in here, including how stress can be good for you (!), some radical notions about how to take on difficult emotions, and, of course, the jealousy kitten. Plus, tons of listener feedback!

Check out Philippa’s website!

DeAnne Smith's Questionable at Best #70 • Asaf Gerchak with Questionable Advice

May 11, 2016

This week: Listener questions! It’s a special edition of Questionable Advice!

This week’s quote: “People will ask, ‘What are you into?’ ANYTHING! ANYTHING AT ALL! I’m open-minded to the point of being boring sexually.”

Comedian of note Asaf Gerchak joins me to answer your questions and solve your lives. We tell you how to de-stress, what not to eat in front of other people, where to meet age-appropriate lesbians, why you’re not friends with your exes, and what to name the excavators in your yard. Probably, though, you just need to get some eucalyptus in you. That oughta fix it.

DeAnne Smith's Questionable at Best #69 • Johanna • Hair

May 6, 2016

This week’s question: Why are we so freaked out by body hair?

This week’s quote: “That is my life’s ambition: to come out of a tub, with my hair past my nip nips.”

My girlfriend and I jumped on the mics for all things body hair! From the top of our heads to the tips of our toes (yikes), we cover it all. Find out how Robin Hood: Men in Tights had an unexpected impact on Johanna, how a segway made us question reality, and what “dirty little man legs” really means. Plus, listener feedback!

Music's Mitosis #20 • The Barr Brothers

May 3, 2016
The Barr Brother

The Barr Brothers can play just about anything they want. Country, rock, folk, blues and a mix of everything, actual brothers Andrew Barr (Drums) and Brad (Guitar, vocals) along with harpist Sarah Page are all over the map. Luckily they are talented enough to go wherever their instincts lead never losing sight of an identity that always feels authentic. Their new EP Alta Falls is out this week.