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Music's Mitosis #17: Katie Moore

February 3, 2016

Katie Moore has been on everyone’s albums. From The Barr Brothers to Socalled and that doesn’t include the live shows! But she is also a singer and musician in her own right and we had her and her partner Andrew Horton (also her bass player and fishing buddy!) in for some trivia and to discuss her latest album, Fooled By the Fun.

You can buy the album here:

The songs we played: Heart Like a Wheel, Chain-Link, Fooled By the Fun.



Dirty Feet #165 • Gerry Morita & Mile Zero Dance • EN

January 8, 2016

Gerry Morita is the Artistic Director of Mile Zero Dance in Edmonton, Alberta. She tells Allison about her career as a performer, what she has learned along the way, and the philosophy with which she runs Mile Zero Dance and the many services offered by the organization.

DeAnne Smith's Questionable at Best #66 • Salomon And Smithmas • Stand Up Special

December 31, 2015
salomon and smith and alma

This week: A special stand up comedy edition! Listen in to Salomon & Smith Kick It recorded at Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, on December 21, 2015.

Featuring the fun stand up of Jordan Cohen, Nile Seguin, Eman and of course, Jess Salomon and me!

Tune in next week for a return to our regularly scheduled programming. Happy New Year!

Dirty Feet #164 • It’s all about fictions • EN

December 29, 2015

Stéphanie Bernard returns to the Dirty Feet podcast to talk about her experience working as the rehearsal director for Catherine Laframboise Desjardins’ work It’s all about fictions. Catherine’s choreography will be presented as a part of the Common Space / L’Espace Commun showcase at the 2016 Bouge d’ici Dance Festival.