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Dirty Feet #159 • (CO) et le Facteur humain • FR

November 24, 2015

Cette semaine, Kati a rencontré Evelyne Laforest et Rémi Laurin-Ouellette pour un déjeuner et conversation enthousiaste autour de leur spectacle en ouverture a Tangente le 26 novembre. Une soirée en deux parties, ils chorégraphent et interprètent un duo, et dans un nouveau défi ils chorégraphent pour six interprètes talentueux issus de l’École de Danse Contemporain de Montréal. Ils racontent un peu les thèmes des deux oeuvres et nous donne un aperçu de leur processus.

This week Kati speaks with Evelyne Laforest & Rémi Laurin-Ouellette about their show at Tangente this weekend. Starting on November 26, they will present a double bill of their choreography. We talk about the challenges and excitement of creating a duet they themselves will dance, as well as the brand new challenge of working with six other dancers on a work that will make up the second part of the evening. They explain a bit about the themes of the works, and highlight their excitement about working with these talented collaborators.

DeAnne Smith's Questionable at Best #63 • Natalie Miller • Worry

November 20, 2015
natalie miller

This week’s question: What are you so worried about?

This week’s quote: “”I have to choose between these two things that are almost exactly the same but if I choose the wrong one, then everything’s gonna explode.”

Natalie Miller is a go-get-em, kick-ass, fun, smart and hilarious person who (along with Nathan Hartswick of episode 45) just opened a god damn comedy club in Burlington, Vermont. And, a lot of the time, she’s anxious as heck. She’s working on that, though. She’s here to tell you what she’s so worried about, how she deals with it, and how Tina Fey helps.

Dirty Feet #158 • Je ne veux pas marcher seul • ENG

November 17, 2015

The company Joe Jack et John, directed by Catherine Bourgeois, brings together artists from different disciplines and background to create multidisciplinary, inclusive work. Allison speaks with performer Dorian Nuskind-Oder about the company’s values and the process of building the show, Je ne veux pas marcher seul, produced by Théâtre Aux Écuries.

DeAnne Smith's Questionable at Best #62 • Salomon And Smith Kick It • Stand Up Special

November 13, 2015

This week: A very special stand up comedy edition! Listen in to Salomon & Smith Kick It recorded at Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto, on October 26, 2015.

Featuring the fun stand up of Jess Beaulieu, Dan Bingham, Steph Tolev and of course, Jess Salomon! And some rambling and riffing from me, DeAnne Smith!

Wanna know more about the ramshackle mess of good times that is Salomon and Smith Kick It? All the info you could want about our next show on November 16th is right here.

Oh, and do you wanna come to DeAnne Smith’s Album Recording at Theatre Ste Catherine in Montreal on December 9th and/or 10th? Of course you do! Buy tickets here!