Confabulation is a celebration of true-life stories, shared by the people that lived them. Curated from our live shows across Canada, in Montreal, Toronto and Victoria, the podcast brings some of our favourite stories to a wider audience — as well as a larger thematic exploration of the ideas these stories bring up. It’s hard to say exactly where any one episode will take us, but each will be crafted around the story, the storyteller, and the essence of why we tell tales in the first place.

Confabulation. Stories, true as we can tell them.

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#26 • The Shortest Story 5, Part Two (Season 1)

April 18, 2015

For the fifth year in a row, we’re excited to bring you our night of all-true short stories, as Confabulation presents The Shortest Story, our annual Nuit Blanche event in Montreal. Last year we had thirty-two short stories, this year we bring you more than thirty-four short stories!

This week on the podcast we bring you Part One of The Shortest Story 5, featuring stories from:

Paul Aflalo, Nisha Coleman, Jaymie Metivier, Jennifer Ansell-Clark, Brad Kane, Carole Tenbrick, Lorne Budman, Meags Fitzgerald, Trevor Kjorlien, Inga Knoth,Alanah Heffez, Britt Dash, Chris O’Brey, David Tabakow, Dominique Blain, Jeff Gandell, Al Lafrance

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