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#24 • Christopher Fox

December 12, 2013

This week’s question: What’s better, penis or vagina?

This week’s quote: “The vagina’s looking after itself.”

My god, listen to this man’s voice. Let him tickle your ear holes with talk about “p”s and “v”s, as he so charmingly refers to them. OH! And there’s a bonus track at the end of this podcast, just for you. Stay ’til the very end, and be rewarded with “Ghost,” from Folly and the Hunter’s album Tragic Care. (Note: it is not explicitly about “p”s or “v”s.)

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  1. Steff says:

    I’m a girl and i can pee standing up! I’m sad it’s mostly inappropriate to share this as it’s one of my most impressive talents. I always wished i could put it under “special skills” on my cv. The end 🙂

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