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#26 • DeAnne Smith

January 01, 2014

This week’s question: What are your resolutions?

This week’s quote: “Are resolutions even a thing that people should be making?”

This week’s is a solo podcast. Things tend to get weird and interesting when I’m alone in a room with a microphone. My new cat Tarzan makes an appearance, as does my actual, real-life phone number. WHY?! Don’t make me regret this. (I already do.) Also, I have a cold. You’ll hear that.

One Response

  1. Ken says:

    I think resolutions are too all or nothing. It sounds permanent, and if you have been in this universe long enough you’ve probably realized that nothing is permanent, so why set yourself up for failure. What I do is that I commit to trying something new or doing something new, and then if I like it, I might make it a thing I do. This year I decided to try to stop eating all sugar and refined foods. I can eat all the raw or cooked plants I want. Eating salads, fruit smoothies with kale, and I only cried from the sugar withdrawal once. OK twice. But I think I’m OK now. But if I decide to stop, I stop. It was never a resolution, it was trying a new thing. I stopped drinking caffeine many years ago with a similar New Years trial of something new. So some things become permanent fixtures in my life if they work out, but other things, like trying to not fart don’t last that long. OK, I never tried that, but you get the idea.

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