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#43 • Pete Zedlacher

November 13, 2014

This week’s question: How can you come out “better” on the other side of the break up?

This week’s quote: “You go from moments of ‘Hey I’m gonna be okay’ to ‘Oh my god, I could lie down on the sidewalk right now and cry.'”

This episode is truly questionable (at best). We (and some strangers*) have a lot of suggestions on how you can get to the other side after a break up: scream-weeping, moving on to the next one, and maybe even drugs?

*Some were ghosts. You’ll see.

One Response

  1. chicken soup meme says:

    Obviously you could also join a death metal band. And by “could” I mean SHOULD, holly growling batman!

    Personally, I am the most boring person ever, I like to crochet. Which helps me coping with anxiety, but pretty yarn is ridiculously expensive and my ass is broke, so the decision making process goes basically like this: “Sure, you could buy a ready-to-wear scarf for twenty bucks. Or… you could also spend the next six weeks working on a lace pattern written in Japanese (even though you don’t speak Japanese at all), sweating blood and tears, and also paying 50 bucks for that alpaca silk blend (on top of 20 bucks for that Japanese crochet book) that your cats will try to steal and destroy every six seconds (because they are cats and they love soft wiggly yarn that bastards). Hmmm, tricky, very tricky…”

    Basically, my tip is: Have hobbies, don’t have cats. Or have cats, but don’t have hobbies.

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