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#5 • Robby Hoffman

July 25, 2013

This week’s question: What’s too Jewy?

This week’s quote: “I think if you’re Jewish, you’re already too Jewy.”

Professional Jew and former Episcopalian talk Jewy-ness; there’s either the exact amount or less angst than you may have anticipated.

6 Responses

  1. Rachel M. says:

    Loved the podcast! There very funny and I loved this weeks episode 🙂 I think a good topic would be can you have sex without emotional attachment. Or one night stand kind of, maybe? Thanks for the hilarious podcast, please keep it up


  2. Brianna says:

    Yes! Hilarious. I always feel like Jew is a bad word. I also feel like Black is a bad word. There’s too much fear in the heart of Americans about not being politically correct. Loved the last 5 minutes, had to replay it :). DeAnne, you have the cutest laugh.

  3. DeAnne Smith says:

    I’m glad you like my laugh! I’m trying to learn to laugh away from the microphone, ’cause it can be quite loud. Robby cracks me up!

  4. Sarah says:

    I’ve been travelling a lot between east and west Canada, or I guess west and central Canada and I want to see a Vancouver vs. Montreal vs Toronto three way smack down. Which one is the worst?

  5. Andrew says:

    I’m fascinated with Jewish culture! This was a pretty cool edition to the podcast. Good Job DeAnne!

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