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#68 • Jeff Winer • Conflict

April 28, 2016

This week’s question: Why are you so conflicted?

This week’s quote: “That’s part of the burden of being a person.”

Okay, nerds, listen up. I talked to a 5th year clinical psychology PhD student (and improviser!) and it’s intense. Get schooled on conflict, “theory of change” (air quotes very important), cortisol, thought-action fusion, and the power of
passively drooling into tubes in a lab setting. Oh, and what Syrian refugees might be going through. Just some light listening! As Jeff says, “Psychology is awesome!”

2 Responses

  1. Rach Klein says:

    It’s Rach-Michelle’s long-distance best friend and not a stalker victim!!

    Michelle and I are both very short, queer Canadian comedy nerds who love your podcast! Apparently. her friendship intuition is amazing, since I really needed a little push to get through the end of a (long, brutal) last term. Your podcast is probably one of the funnier ways we’ve managed to communicate from halfway across the country (I live in Halifax, she lives in Montreal).

    Since I’m writing to say Hi! anyway, I should let you know that according to Michelle, your podcasts are the perfect length for a grocery shopping trip (Now that I’m thinking about it, that seems long? Michelle, what do you need to buy that takes an hour??) I tend to listen to them at the gym, specifically while rowing (I’m a bad runner).

    Thanks for the shout-out/thanks for the podcast!
    With care,

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