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#7 • DeAnne Smith

August 07, 2013

This week’s question: Do I need a guest on this podcast?

This week’s quote: “Do you wanna know how you get typhoid fever? You get it by accidentally eating some human shit that’s in your food.”

This week, guys, I spoke to myself. This is what happened.

10 Responses

  1. Tommy says:

    I really love your voice. You are such a great person.
    >>> I want my 20 minutes back <<<<
    (I just say that, because I want to have a letter from you!!! 😛
    haha lots of love from a german youtuber who loves you


  2. Mandy Lee says:

    Who needs a guest? You were totally awesome on your own. It was the best 20 mins of my time well spent! I enjoyed hearing your stories and more, I look forward to what you have coming up next :D.

  3. Melissa says:

    I think you did great, the story was sad but still funny. You’re right, you should tell more stories about living in Mexico. I think stories like that are good because you start to laugh at them yourself. You’re a clever person and don’t need a guest.

  4. Diana C. says:

    Jajajajaja Loving this!!!,

    Great Mexican-Spanish accent! “¡Qué buen Trasero!” made me laugh so much…, Sad cat story though, but still, anything can happen in México, and you were at “San Cris”, Chiapas, real good, mytical place for things to happen… jajaja

    I am from México City, and never had typhoid fever, instead, I’ve only learn about foreign people getting it, but twice?! Thank god you survived that!. I believe, living here, builds up your inmue system., who knows.

    Great stories!, I want to know more, maybe exchange some too 😛

  5. Andrew says:

    Best way to start a story “The FIRST time I got typhoid” lol

  6. Carlyella says:

    You know, you’re right. Who needs a guest when you can have 20 minutes with DeAnne, telling stories of intense illness, suffering, and death?! That being said, I am glad you didn’t die of typhoid fever, I’m sorry the cat died, and I’m not sorry I listened because it was entertaining.

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