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#8 • Christophe Davidson

August 15, 2013

This week’s question: Hey, how’s your family?

This week’s quote: “I’m just gonna live in a house with as many lesbians as possible.”

I talk to one of the loves of my life about families, and possible future communal-type alternative queer living structures. And stuff.

7 Responses

  1. lotsofsandwichfeelings says:

    You give ~slow jazz~ a bad name!

    [awesome podcast by the way]

  2. Joana says:

    Hahaha, you guys were adorable!

  3. Brontis says:

    Hey DeAnne & Christophe, this podcast struck a chord with me. My family somewhat falls into what you two have been discussing here. I’m a hetero guy (I hate having to clarify that, but I guess it helps in explaining our family dynamic) and I have 2 kids (count ‘em, 2!) with my two best friends, who happen to be a married lesbian couple. The three of us have been very close friends for about a decade now and one night almost 6 years ago they asked me if I could help them start a family, with the caveat that I not simply be a donor, but actively involve myself in the child’s life as a father. It took me 3 months to give them an answer, but I agreed.
    The two of them are the primary parents, living with the kids (we had another one last year) and they make decisions on their future and how they will be raised. They do keep my in the loop of anything concerning the kids, like medical issues, and ask for my opinions, but I respect their choices as being what is best for the kids. We spend a lot of time together and it all feels comfortable and fun. The end result is that our kids have 3 parents, who are all best friends that love each other.

  4. boytoms says:

    loved this episode of the podcast. it is so timely. wish this topic was freely discussed more often – especially in the us. i am a lesbian, am currently going through a divorce, and am rethinking this whole lifelong monogamy thing that people do. usually when i bring up my concerns about this arbitrarily designated lifestyle, 99% of my single and married friends glare at me like i’m insane. i am leaning towards building a kind of commune with friends and then having all the adults share in kid raising responsibility. what i have come to accept is that the people in a relationship get to define how it works, and that is really cool.

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