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#9 • Jimmy Cassidy

August 22, 2013

This week’s question: Does being single suck?

This week’s quote: “It’s a lot of early evenings and anime.”

A serial monogam-ish talks to a perpetual bachelor and they both end up a bit confused.

13 Responses

  1. sublu says:

    Loved this! Your conversations with guests (and yourself!) are always so damn fun – please keep doing what you’re doing! I look forward to every Thursday’s drive home from work (cos you don’t post early enough for the AM drive, not down under anyway)!

  2. Brontis says:

    In the last decade or so, I’ve never really been single. I’ve tried. One summer I made a pact to not date anyone and I ended being in a relationship with a married woman. Relationships just find their way into my life somehow. That’s not to say I don’t like them, just that I’ve got so much up in the air at all times (college, writing, my kids, networking, staying in shape) it’s like I have 5 full time jobs and relationships are just that, except you have to work overtime for free. But I like being with people and sharing thoughts and conversations. And I love flirting. Oh and kissing. And I hate sleeping alone. So I like relationships, because they tend to come with all these awesome perks, but then exhaust the hell out of me and leave me mentally drained which messes with my momentum in life. It’s such a difficult topic. And the Love element. Ugh. I want to be in love again, but I also want control of my mental faculties.

    Hey DeAnne, the next time you have DeAnne as a guest on your Podcast, can you ask DeAnne to share her knife story with her listeners?

  3. Marie says:

    I love your podcasts DeAnne! I really related to this one. I’ve always been single, partly because “music is my boyfriend!” …until I realized, oops, I’m actually a lesbian and I would love to have a girlfriend. But since I’ve been single my entire life it’s the normal state of things for me. And my relationship with the violin still comes first. I wouldn’t say being single sucks. When did we decide that romantic relationships are the most important relationships in life? Does it have to be that way? I don’t think so. But am I just making excuses because I have no idea how to approach girls? Basically I have no idea.

    • DeAnne Smith says:

      Thanks for weighing in! Romantic relationships certainly don’t have to be the most important relationships in life. Why can’t this be? The relationship we’re creating RIGHT NOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION? 😉 Thanks for listening and happy violin-playing.

  4. Lauren says:

    As someone whose pretty much always been single (do we count the boy in high school I kissed on the cheek and then ran away from?) I don’t think being single sucks. I think relationships sound great (when they work) and I’m definitely interested in having one (ladies!) but that doesn’t mean being single is bad. I have friends, family, hobbies, a hot water bottle and sex toys (life made ez!) I feel good about myself, I feel sexy, and whilst having someone to share that with me would be cool it’s also cool to have it to myself.

    Also I think dating someone should be done when you’re interested in the person or at least something about the person. If you’re in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship… that probably sucks!

  5. Joana says:

    Now I desperately want Jimmy to find a girlfriend hahaha Is that weird? Hmm…
    Yep — yep it is!

  6. Julianna Romanyk says:

    I’m exactly like Jimmy: strangely independent, not at all flirty, and perfectly content being alone. I also sometimes think of relationships as liabilities.

    I thought I was the only one, but this episode has reassured me that I’m not that weird. Thanks DeAnne!

    • DeAnne Smith says:

      If we ever need a pull quote, I think we’ve found one. Questionable at Best– “Reassured me that I’m not weird.” 🙂 Thank YOU, Julianna. (P.S. You *are* weird. But we all are.)

  7. boytoms says:

    alright, i’m slowly going through your podcast from the starting point, hence all the belated commenting. (the community has all moved on!) i am single and getting through this episode was surprisingly difficult, due to jimmy’s honesty about his fears. jimmy, you are perfectly normal and fine! if you’re cool with being single, that’s cool, own it, and boo on the haters. only you can decide what is happiness for you.

    i’m single and absolutely loving it. i could relate to him when he was like “we dated for 2 years but she only slept over a few times…is that weird? but i really liked that.” same, same. some of us need that much alone time to think, feel, and recharge, so that we can continue to be ourselves. when life is good, being single affords me abundant time to read, pursue work, deepen my friendships, and develop proficiencies. when life is shit, being single taught me to reach out to my friends and family for help, and also open up to them for the first time as an adult. i don’t think i want to be single forever, but singlehood is a great teacher.

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