Illa Fabulis

Illa Fabulis is a web project documenting the amazing lives, opinions and creative works of inspirational Canadian women. The goal of the project is to feature a variety of women, both well-known and up-and-coming, with an aim to highlight their accomplishments and document their unique stories. Interviews and portraits are housed on and the Illa Fabulis monthly podcast features selections from the previous month’s interviews mixed with related music, readings and performances.

Podcast #4 • Risa Dickens, Marilis Cardinal, Music from Arbutus Records

April 28, 2013

This month’s episode features highlights from the previous month’s Illa Fabulis interviews:

Risa Dickens • One of the founders of, Risa works in web and is an arts advocate, musician and artist. She recently had an exhibit of her work for the Salon Data series at the Eastern Bloc gallery space in Montreal.

Marilis Cardinal • Marilis handles press and PR for the Montreal indie label Arbutus Records. She selected the four songs we play in this episode, all from female-fronted bands on the Arbutus roster. Try to Be –Blue Hawaii, Genesis- Grimes, Turn Your Love Around –Topps, Oblivion – Grimes.

Music Credits:

All songs from Arbutus bands:

The Illa Fabulis theme music is Summer Lightning written by Alex Hackett from the Pang Attack EP Phantom Forest

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