Music’s Mitosis

Music’s Mitosis is a music trivia podcast. Each episode features a guest band, with bandmates competing against each other for trivia victory!

It’s basically a show full of indie musicians nerding out on music trivia and history.

Our aim is to celebrate the music that influenced these musicians and comes through in their sound.

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#9 • Milk and Bone

March 03, 2015

Milk and Bone as their name suggests are equal parts hard and soft. Their synthy R&B backbone is filled in with lush harmonies, surprisingly catchy melodies and breezy stories of young romance. These two Montreal ladies (Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne) are coming out of the gate strong. Their debut album Little Mourning drops this month and there’s already a ton of buzz surrounding their project. I know what I’ll be listening to as the weather heats up…plus, they are so freakin’ cute.

Songs we played in this episode: Pressure, Coconut Water, New York

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