Music’s Mitosis

Music’s Mitosis is a music trivia podcast. Each episode features a guest band, with bandmates competing against each other for trivia victory!

It’s basically a show full of indie musicians nerding out on music trivia and history.

Our aim is to celebrate the music that influenced these musicians and comes through in their sound.

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#7 • USA Out Of Vietnam PART 1

February 11, 2015

USA Out of Vietnam is a sprawling, ambitious musical quest. Taking bits and pieces from psychedelia, doom metal, drone, shimmering 70’s progressive pop, symphonic blasts of horns and strings and layers and layers of guitars. Orchestral doom metal? Is that a thing? This show was the most fun Amy’s had in a long time. Jonathan Cummins runs his mouth like no one else in the business, and we dare you not to laugh. We had to split this sucker into two parts because we know you’re gonna want to hear all this gossip. Part I: Wizard Groupies

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