We’re always interested in great podcasts to add to No More Radio. We want our network to keep getting better, and we want to prevent awesome podcasts from falling into the wrong hands, like that network Doc Ock started (Evil Tentacle Scheming and Streaming).

If you have a great podcast, or a great podcast in mind, this page is where you can let us know about it. We’re into podcasts that already exist or working with you put something new together. We totally know what we’re doing – we, like, own a few microphones and everything. It’s a pretty sweet setup.

All submissions are vetted for quality, marketability, overlap with current No More Radio podcasts, and probably a few other criteria that we keep secret just to stress you out. We’re definitely pretty psyched that you’re interested, so we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Full Name:

Email Address:

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Title of your Podcast:

What is the podcast about, and what is your mission statement?

Who are the hosts? (Please include a short bio of each host.)

Who are the producers? (Please include a short bio of each producer, if they differ from the hosts.)

Where did the idea for your podcast come from?

Who is your target audience?


Age: 12-1819-2526-3031-3536-4041-5051-6061+

Describe your target audience. Who is this podcast for? Where are they from?

Why would someone listen to your podcast? (Or if it exists, why does your audience listen to your podcast?)

If your podcast already exists, how many listeners/downloads do you have per month, overall (Old and new)?

If your podcast already exists, how many listeners download your new podcasts per month?

How often do you expect/currently release your podcast?

What does your podcast offer listeners, that other podcasts don't?

What makes you the right person(s) to host and produce this podcast?
(Please take the time to think about this question before you answer it. Also, note, that we're not asking what makes you the only person(s) to produce and host this podcast, but the right ones for it.)

If this podcast already exists, or you have demo, please include the link:

Which podcasts do you listen to? Which one's do you love? And which ones inspire you to produce yours?

Do you have anything else you want to add? Do you have any questions for us?