Dirty Feet

No More Radio presents Dirty Feet; a podcast on the topic of dance and movement-based performing arts. Unique, informed and accessible dialogue surrounding artistic creation, the dance industry and the role of movement in people’s lives.

No More Radio vous présente Dirty Feet; un podcast (émission parlée en baladodiffusion) qui traite de danse et tout art du mouvement. Le podcast engendre des dialogues qui englobent les différents thèmes de la créativité artistique, du rôle du mouvement dans la vie des gens, de l’interaction entre ce secteur des arts et la population, etc.

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The Function and Application of Technical Training in Contemporary Dance: A Discussion

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“What’s the current function and application of technical training in contemporary dance?” This question, which is all too relevant to anyone who works with contemporary dance, was also the title of a seminar hosted by the Dance Student Association at Concordia University’s Department of Contemporary Dance. The student-initiated seminar took the form of a casual, … Continue reading

Planning Ahead: The 18th Danse Danse Season

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Be still my heart. The Danse Danse season line up is always impressive, and always features at least one show or artist that gets me all super excited about watching dance. This year my heart flutters when I hear of the return of the Hofesh Shechter company. Ever since watching Political Mother in 2012 I’ve … Continue reading

Preview: 20e Festival Vue sur la relève

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It is thrilling to see a collection of emerging dance artists, including a pile of familiar names, programed in a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to bringing them into the professional sphere. The 20th edition of the Vue sur la relève is coming up this April 7-21 (2015) in Montréal. It boasts 14 dance shows this year … Continue reading


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Till March 7, the M.A.I invites us to join them for a captivating sensational experience based on the authentic instincts of the liberated and political body: Sweet Gyre. While bringing forward strong themes of desire, pleasure and intimacy, Benoît Lachambre (Par B.Leux) and Lee Su-Feh (battery opera) reunite to create an environment filled with textures and colours for both the stage and the audience to share…. Continue reading

Working Inside the Box: ROCCO by ICKamsterdam

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Dancers can be athletes, and athletes can be artists. ROCCO presents itself as a contemporary dance show that integrates the themes of boxing and highlights the elegance, speed and immense exhaustive energy its practitioner display. The work also aims to propose that there are different relationships one man can have to another. Four incredibly fit … Continue reading