DeAnne Smith’s Questionable at Best

One question. One guest. One interesting (and intimate) conversation. Brought to you by world-famous comedian and deep thinker DeAnne Smith.

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Who We Are

DeAnne Smith


DeAnne Smith is an award-winning (and award-losing) comedian who’s finally done enough festivals and stuff that to list them all would be weird and kind of gloaty. She’s also been on TV a lot, in various nations. Her parents are most proud of her appearance on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show, but this isn’t about her parents. (Or is it? Let’s be honest, there’s probably a deep-seated reason she seems to need so much attention and approval.) The UK’s Telegraph calls her “Smart. Very funny,” and says “Effortless charm lets her get away with murder.” She’s never actually murdered anyone, but she has used that “effortless” “charm” to stir up some awkward situations with the ladies. Feel free to check out her website or her Twitter @DeAnne_Smith and email or tweet nice things to her because I like that a lot. I mean, she. She likes that a lot.


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