I Have a Problem, With David Heti

Stand-up comic David Heti invites a guest to air and discuss a grievance against him. Accusation, argumentation, recrimination and more, it’s an intimate, honest, and—at least for David—generally quite entirely uncomfortable exchange. www.davidheti.com

Latest Episode

#13 • Gabriel Heti (Dad)

April 14, 2015

I suppose maybe our first “very special” episode, as my guest is none other than my Father. Sometimes I end up going home for a bit when in between living and doing shows and floating around other places.

My Father was reluctant to come on, for various understandable reasons.

#12 • Beck Rubin

December 25, 2014

Eric’s an academic and we once went to give some talk and apparently I was a bit of a cunt when I had some place to be though he could’ve spoken up, no, don’t you think? He’s a lovely guy and it’s a delight to hear him put words together da da da da da.

#11 • Chris Durning

December 2, 2014

Friend and musician Chris Durning hits on a part of the way I am that I’d never really thought of before. Maybe he’s right.

#10 • Nick Flanagan

November 20, 2014

Comic (and musician) Nick Flanagan doesn’t want me sharing my thoughts or feelings with our community. It makes him uncomfortable with himself, apparently.