I Have a Problem, With David Heti

Stand-up comic David Heti invites a guest to air and discuss a grievance against him. Accusation, argumentation, recrimination and more, it’s an intimate, honest, and—at least for David—generally quite entirely uncomfortable exchange. www.davidheti.com


#13 • Gabriel Heti (Dad)

April 14, 2015

I suppose maybe our first “very special” episode, as my guest is none other than my Father. Sometimes I end up going home for a bit when in between living and doing shows and floating around other places.

My Father was reluctant to come on, for various understandable reasons.

#12 • Beck Rubin

December 25, 2014

Eric’s an academic and we once went to give some talk and apparently I was a bit of a cunt when I had some place to be though he could’ve spoken up, no, don’t you think? He’s a lovely guy and it’s a delight to hear him put words together da da da da da.

#11 • Chris Durning

December 2, 2014

Friend and musician Chris Durning hits on a part of the way I am that I’d never really thought of before. Maybe he’s right.

#10 • Nick Flanagan

November 20, 2014

Comic (and musician) Nick Flanagan doesn’t want me sharing my thoughts or feelings with our community. It makes him uncomfortable with himself, apparently.

#9 • Sasha Manoli

October 4, 2014

Comedy producer Sasha Manoli thinks it’s ok to just go around agreeing to things and then changing her mind. No, not really. Vegas, “cunt” and apparently not making very nice with other comics.

#8 • Dom Paré

September 28, 2014

Comic Dom Paré doesn’t really hold back. In addition to just talking all over about the world of stand-up, he tells me what I’ve done to alienate others in the stand-up community. Honest, thoughtful, direct and maybe just a little bit bitter, there are few comics I enjoy talking with, listening to more. @dpare