Tales from the Black

Reality is a rainbow spread from the light of truth by the prism of perception. Hanging on the sliver of time between now and later is a place only dreamed of by the mad. From this place a fount of truth. These are: The Tales from the Black.

Science fiction, horror, and fantasy storytelling inspired by The Twilight Zone & Black Mirror. Tales is a monthly podcast and live show featuring speculative fiction writers and performers from across Canada, created by Colin Munch (Theatre Brouhaha) and Jocelyn Geddie (Nickelodeon’s Mysticons).

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Who We Are

Colin Munch

Host & Producer

Colin Munch is a multiple Canadian Comedy Award-nominated writer, director, actor, and improviser. He is the Artistic Associate of the Bad Dog Theatre Company in Toronto, Ontario, a founding member of the Bad Dog Repertory Players and Sex T-Rex, part of the internationally-acclaimed troupe Uncalled For, and a member of the Second City National Touring Company. He was a writer and the associate director of Spank! The 50 Shades of Grey Parody and assistant director of Lily Singh’s A Trip to Unicorn Island for Mills Entertainment, both of which had successful international tours. He is a frequent collaborator with Kat Sandler and Theatre Brouhaha in Toronto, most recently appearing in Bright Lights. Colin was featured in NOW Magazine as one of ten artists to watch in 2016.

Nick Di Gaetano

Music & Audio Producer

Nick is a comedian and musician whose performance/creation career includes clown shows, puppet shows, improv shows, shows for children, punk/hardcore bands, performance art, voice overs and a butt-load of original music. He lives in the uncomfortable place where weird, sad and irreverent collide and is a self-described professional collaborator and renaissance man. He is the co-artistic director of Mi Casa Theatre in Ottawa and a Resident Artist at the Bad Dog Comedy Theatre in Toronto.