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Latest Episode

#74 • Candice Gregoris • Making Friends

November 3, 2016

This week’s question: How do people make friends?

This week’s quote: “I’m just in this shell of self-created weirdness.”

Comedian and Haus of Bot member Candice Gregoris and I try to figure how people make friends. Candice has some great ideas (pretend to be more confident than you are!) while I spiral into overthinking exactly how to pronounce the word “hello.” Plus, bonus inspirational talk!

#73 • Album Preview!

August 30, 2016

Whoa, guys! It’s a very special please-buy-my-album edition of Questionable at Best! Preview four hot tracks and then go get my album in one of these locations, please.

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#72 • Erica Sigurdson • Regrets

August 24, 2016

This week’s question: Will you regret not having kids?

This week’s quote: “I had a bag of avocados I bought last week and I couldn’t even keep them alive.”

Vancouver-based comedian Erica Sigurdson gets real about regrets, type 1 diabetes, and how she was traumatized by Steel Magnolias as a child. Plus, bonus trivia about Halle Berry! Don’t forget to email [email protected] to weigh in on Erica’s potential life choices. She needs you.

#71 • Philippa Klein • Jealousy

May 20, 2016

This week’s question: What’s up with jealousy, man?

This week’s quote: “Jealousy has the worst rap of all the emotions.”

Individual and relationship counselor and my actual buddy Philippa Klein gives us a new way to think about jealousy in relationships. Lots of gems in here, including how stress can be good for you (!), some radical notions about how to take on difficult emotions, and, of course, the jealousy kitten. Plus, tons of listener feedback!

Check out Philippa’s website!