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One question. One guest. One interesting (and intimate) conversation. Brought to you by world-famous comedian and deep thinker DeAnne Smith.

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#1 • Jess Salomon

June 27, 2013

Comedian and deep-thinker DeAnne Smith kicks around one question with a cool special guest, resulting in 22 interesting (and often overly intimate) minutes. The outcome is Questionable at Best.

This week’s question: Cheating– What’s the Upside?

This week’s quote: “People look so cute when they’re remorseful.”

For the inaugural episode, who better a guest than my BFF? (No one, is the implied answer there.)

12 Responses

  1. Gretchen says:

    This was great! Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. DeAnne says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Artyom says:

    Saw you on the Craig Ferguson show, you were hilarious! So i’ll definitely be listiening to these.
    P.S. By the way, DeAnne, you’ve got fans in Russia! Well, by “fans” i mean me and only me. #uninteresingfact

  4. Matty says:

    I really enjoyed the first episode, makes the walk home from work much more interesting! Looking forward to the next one 🙂

  5. Joana says:

    I loved it =) Also looking forward to the next ones!

  6. DeAnne Smith says:

    Thanks for your comment, and I’m glad you loved it. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to the next ones!

  7. James Bond says:

    I’m a fictional character so I don’t know if I have a heart 😛 . No I’m not offended, because I’m James Bond the definition of cool.


    This was joke don’t take it seriously 😛

  8. Laura says:

    “Getting lampy” definitely needs to become common parlance. Is it in your act? It should be!

  9. Andrew says:

    This is fantastic. You are hysterical, but like in a good way. Do you have a comedy CD?

    P.S: I love the content you have on youtube. It cheers me up. It’s awesome to see nerdy people that are also queer being successful.

  10. boytoms says:

    too funny! everything about this episode is wonderful, and feels like old friends, especially the extended intro. you and jess have a relaxed dynamic that works very well in podcast form.

    i was amused by the overall lack of remorse/guilt over being a cheater. perhaps it was due to much time having passed? as someone with a very high level of conscientiousness, i will not be taking your closing advice to try cheating at least once. i still found your stories entertaining though!

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