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#18 • Marni

October 31, 2013

This week’s question: Where is there?

This week’s quote: “Three years later I’m still here and I feel like I just got here.”

I chat with a self-proclaimed “deep-voiced rando” about…well, a lot of stuff. What it means to be here or there, the concept of “bevlege,” and the accidental (or is it?) profundity of Siri.

4 Responses

  1. Brontis says:

    Where is there? It’s just so open ended. I guess that’s the point thought. The best way to answer this is just to say how you immediately interpret it. That’s probably the more prevalent issue on your mind. For me, “there” is moment in my future where I will feel like I’ve earned something like talking with my kids and hearing them tell me which books of mine are their favorites. That’s the moment when I’ll give myself the time to realize, “Oh yeah, I did all this. I wrote all these books, and my kids like them.” I’m so excited to earn that. The here and now matter so much to me because it’s the foundation for me to get “there”. It’s not a place; it’s a series of moments. It’s the culmination of all that I’ve worked for. I will die doing what I love will be the last ‘there’ I get to, and as morbid as that is, I’m excited for that too.

  2. lotsofsandwichfeelings says:

    I feel like this important piece of information should not be withhold:

  3. Kristan says:

    There is where someone has made a vegan gluten-free crisp and where I desperately want to be.

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