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#45 • Nathan Hartswick

November 27, 2014

This week’s question: Where should I be in my life?

This week’s quote: “This is the thing that eats away at me.”

Where should we be in our lives? This is a bonus long podcast, ’cause that is a gosh darn meaty question. Get ready for some philosophical ramblings, talk of mortality, cats purring into microphones, Percy Bysshe Shelley, hot burning hearts (literally), and Chipotle? Yup, Chipotle.

3 Responses

  1. Alicia Marie says:

    First off, writing with a feather (is it a quill?) is not for old people. It is for 26 year old Midwestern gals like myself to feel classier/less sad about having a diet of mainly pizza rolls.

    Where should I be rn? I feel a strong inclination to attempt a frown atop a trampoline.

  2. DeAnne Smith says:

    I like your take on the quill, Alicia. Do you also have a stamp and sealing wax? You would make a great late 1800s pen pal.

    Please do trying frowning on a trampoline and let me know how it goes. Dare I say, I believe it is impossible.

  3. Maddie says:

    I think that it’s still tragic when somebody dies at 60.. People are still running marathons at 60! Don’t know if I will be.. have yet to run even a half marathon. But some people do! Would it not be sad for all those 60 year old marathon runners to die?

    RE: impending/inevitable death… confession- am not afraid of it for myself, but I am in constant fear that it will happen to someone I love and then I will have to live on without them.. That has always been my worst anxiety.. I often ask people close to me not to die, as though they could somehow prevent it..

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