Old Time Radio Theatre

Old Time Radio Theatre is a new monthly podcast featuring some of Montreal’s finest talent dedicated to recreating the magic of radio’s Golden Age.

Recorded live in front of an audience at Montreal’s Mainline Theatre, under the voice direction of Andrew Gryn, Old Time Radio Theatre brings to life the art of the radio play.

Complete with live sound effects, we bring you greatest mystery, suspense, and horror stories ever to grace the airwaves.

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#3 • 2462

May 11, 2014

In this episode, we recreate the Suspense episode “2462” by George Bamber, a dystopian science fiction story in which a man is convicted of being a poet, and hatches an escape plan with the help of an elderly prison guard. But at what cost?

This episode features Dan Derkson as 108303715 (yes, really), Jason McCullough as the Lieutenant, and George Mouggias as the guards. Directed by Andrew Gryn. Sound Effects by Shayne Gryn. Produced by Paul Aflalo and Shayne Gryn.

Recorded live at Mainline Theatre on February 4th 2014.

The original version broadcast January 21st 1962.

One Response

  1. Kevin says:

    Haha, not bad recreation. Where’d ya get the script? 😀

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