Dirty Feet

No More Radio presents Dirty Feet; a podcast on the topic of dance and movement-based performing arts. Unique, informed and accessible dialogue surrounding artistic creation, the dance industry and the role of movement in people’s lives.

No More Radio vous présente Dirty Feet; un podcast (émission parlée en baladodiffusion) qui traite de danse et tout art du mouvement. Le podcast engendre des dialogues qui englobent les différents thèmes de la créativité artistique, du rôle du mouvement dans la vie des gens, de l’interaction entre ce secteur des arts et la population, etc.

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Latest Episode

#171 • DHDP 2016 Wrap-up • EN

August 31, 2016

The last of a series of episodes covering the 2016 edition of the Dark Horse Dance Projects features an interview with the Technical Director and Lighting Designer, Fraser MacKinnon. Allison then shares her perspective on the project to wrap-up this four episode journey.

Photo of Élise Bergeron & Rosie Contant

#170 • DHDP 2016 Artists (part 2 of 2) • BIL

July 22, 2016
InTheDazed-Photo 3

This episode features interviews with the remaining choreographers presenting work as a part of the Dark Horse Dance Projects. The first group of guests include choreographer, Charles Cardin-Bourbeau and his three dancers, Jessie LHôte, Alya Graham and Annabel Boissoneault. Next, choreographer Keir Knight introduced us to his team and project. Then, Montreal duo Julie Tymchuk and Marie-France Jacques tell us about their collaboration. Another soloist, Kay Kenney joins us from Kingston. Also from Montreal, choreographer and performer, Élise Bergeron and performer Rosie Contant join us next. The episode ends with Mary Catherine Jack, who tells us about her vignettes.

#169 • DHDP 2016 Artists (part 1 of 2) • BIL

4-up on 2016-07-13 at 1.00 PM #6

In a continuation of the Dark Horse Dance Projects coverage, Allison interviews the artists presenting choreographic work in the showcase. First is solo artist Alexane Couture, followed by choreographer Amber Green and her dancers Maxime Nadeau and Audrée Papineau. Next is Lisa Hebert with another self-choreographed solo. Then Choreographer, Maureen Shea and collaborating performer Douglas Renick step up to the microphone. The interviews wrap up with a trio of collaborating choreographers, Elizabeth Emond-Stevenson, Lois Chan and Jessica Hotte. This is the first of two episodes featuring conversations with the DHDP artists, check out the following episode for the second half of the interviews.

Photo: Kay Kenney

#168 • Dark Horse Dance Projects 2016 Team • BIL

July 21, 2016
Annabel Boissonneault, Alya Graham

In this first of a series of episodes covering the 2016 edition of the Dark Horse Dance Projects (DHDP), the focus is on the team behind the project. Allison interviews the two Artistic Directors, Jocelyn Todd and Marie-Pier Gilbert as well as Associate Director, Amelia Griffin.