Dirty Feet

No More Radio presents Dirty Feet; a podcast on the topic of dance and movement-based performing arts. Unique, informed and accessible dialogue surrounding artistic creation, the dance industry and the role of movement in people’s lives.

No More Radio vous présente Dirty Feet; un podcast (émission parlée en baladodiffusion) qui traite de danse et tout art du mouvement. Le podcast engendre des dialogues qui englobent les différents thèmes de la créativité artistique, du rôle du mouvement dans la vie des gens, de l’interaction entre ce secteur des arts et la population, etc.

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Latest Episode

#177 • Hannah Beach & Dandelion Dance • EN

December 2, 2016

Hannah Beach is an educator, artist, author and speaker with a background in social work. She is the founding director of Dandelion Dance, a company which creates empowering dance experiences for girls. She believes that “art is an important tool for social change because it helps people feel and not just think.” We speak about her journey, the company and the future.

#176 • Karen Kaeja • EN

November 10, 2016

Karen Kaeja is an awarding-winning, Toronto-based artist. She is a dancer, choreographer, project instigator and co-artistic director of Kaeja d’Dance alongside her partner, Allen Kaeja. She is presenting her choreographic work, Crave, at the Ottawa Dance Directive this November. We speak about her career, community engagement, duets and working with her husband.

#175 • Anik Bouvrette & Tara Luz Danse • EN

October 19, 2016

Anik Bouvrette is a Franco-Ontarian choreographer and the Founder, Artistic Director & General Manager of Tara Luz Danse. The francophone contemporary dance company creates and tours work for all ages. Tara Luz Danse has an active process of engaging the public through school visits, workshops and audience development initiatives. The company is based in the Shenkman Arts Centre, located in the east Ottawa community of Orléans, where their latest production, Les bâtons, will be presented this October.


#174 • Amanda Bon • EN

October 15, 2016

Amanda Bon is a professional dancer, pilates instructor, musician and scientist. In this interview she reveals her career experience, her adventure overcoming an injury and returning to dance, and her work with the company, Tara Luz Danse.

Photo by Andrew Balfour