The Belgo Report

The Belgo Report is a monthly podcast talking about visual arts in and around the Belgo Building, Montreal’s largest centre of visual arts and home of over 30 contemporary art galleries and artist’s studios.

Every month host Bettina Forget chats with the artists, gallery owners, and curators who bring their amazing talent to the building, and gives you an in-depth behind-the-scenes look into Montreal’s contemporary art scene.

#2 • A Female Perspective

April 14, 2013
The Belgo Report Episode 2

Spring is in the air, and we are going to talk about women. In the first half of the hour host Bettina Forget sits down with Montreal artist Melanie Matthews to chat about her recent work (which includes a giant vulva coloring book), and in the second half of this episode Noémi McComber talks about her current show of video works at Optica, and explains why she is being pummeled with expired groceries.

Music by Li Alin and Greg Smith

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